HYROS is hyper-accurate
tracking for digital businesses

See your customer's journey. Every click and purchase your customer makes is tracked and easy to view

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Frank Kern


“Hyros is a necessity for any Internet Marketer buying ads online today”

Douglas James


"We are already 300% more profitable 72 hours after using the software"

Dan Henry



How it works

Ad clicks


Ad to carts


Opt Ins

(And Much more)

Ai Attribution

True Sales Data

Better Ad ROI

Your full customer what, when, and where mapped to one profile

HYROS tracks your customer by 10 data points and combines them together for laser-accurate tracking

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Exactly the info we needed.

Impact Theory Ad Team


See the entire breakdown of all your traffic and how profitable it really is

HYROS takes this data to generate reports that show you exactly what ad sources are generating a true ROI

frame report

Place our tracking right in your
ad managers

With our Chrome app, you can show hyper-accurate HYROS tracking right inside of Google and Facebook ad dashboards

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Scale, Save and Dominate

We are so confident that you will do it so hard that we have a downright cocky

For any reason


Days refund guarantee

Because at Hyros we sell cold hard... Results

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Set up in 2 easy clicks

Hyros integrates with your systems
is easier to install than
a Facebook pixel

integrations integrations
integrations integrations

Hyros is absolutely essential
to our sales funnel tracking ROI

Dean Graziosi’s Ad Team



All your data converted into an easy “Profit” marketing road map

Track all your traffic sources and their true sales data in one place

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Stop “Traffic Source” confusion and missed sales

Hyros plugs into your entire business and is able to see things Google and Facebook tracking will miss. Our customers consistently are able to attribute 30-40% more sales to their ads!

Revenue from Google Ads

Revenue for google ads Revenue for google ads

Our customers consistently are able to attribute 30-40% more sales to their ads!

See your customer true LTV

Hyros tracks your customer's every move from their first ad click to... forever. This lets you see the long-term ROI on your ads weeks, months and even years after the first ad click

ltv ltv

Entire customer’s journey across all traffic sources

Hyros connects all your traffic sources into one hub and allows you to see how your customers interact with your entire online presence. You will never have to "guess" about what your customers are doing again

journey journey

You will never have to "guess" about what your customers are doing again

Customizable attribution models

Hyros offers you countless ways to look at your customers' attribution all at the same time. You can go by last click, first click. You can split up the click value. You can even set time limits to attribution sources

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Hyros has easily given us
a 10x return each month in
money saved and money
gained from our advertising

Parker Walbeck Ad Team

Full Time Filmaker with 1.6 Million Youtube Subs


Make your Ad AI smarter

Google and Facebook use AIs to find you customers more effectively. However, their AI can only be as good as the data it’s sent. Hyros uploads your tracking data allowing ad platforms to learn faster and become significantly better at finding your customers at a lower cost

ai ai

See how much a customer spends over their entire lifetime

Hyros was designed with long click to sale cycles in mind. Hyros specializes in tracking sales calls, long sales funnels, upsells, downsells, recurring sales, memberships from their very first click to their very last click over days, months and years

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results results

Now 6 month

Tracking for all parts of info marketing

Info businesses have multiple traffic sources, complicated funnels and tons of unique layers. Hyros was specifically designed to make tracking these layers easy

Organic content

Organic content



Email marketing

Email marketing



Social media ads

media ads

Sale funnels


Call optimization

Hyros has specific functionality to track your sales call and even track customers that convert on the phone


Stop guessing and start knowing how to grow