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Know. Everything. About your Marketing

HYROS makes profitable action clear
for high end digital businesses with
laser accurate sales attribution tracking

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Our Average Paid Traffic User Tracks

More Sales Than With Just Ad Platform Tracking Alone
And Over 100% Increase in Social Attribution and 400%+ Increase In Long Term Attribution

Finally Attribute Your Sales With Confidence With Hyro’s Advanced "Print" Tracking Lets You Always Attribute A Sale Back To It’s Source

See Your Long Term Customers Value Hyros Tracks Your Customers Every Move From First Click To...Forever!

Stop Mis-Attribution and Sales Criss Crossing Hyros Shows You Your Entire Customer Journey And Sorts Out Sales Attribution Clearly Between Multiple Sources


No Code. No Complicated Set Up. We Plug Into YOUR Marketing Stack

  • Plug into your landing page system

  • Integrate your processor in 1 click

  • Link your email and organic traffic

  • Connect your advertising

1000s more integrations available, schedule a demo to see if we fit your system

How it works


Hyros plugs into your Adwords or Facebook accounts (+many other systems) and allows you to start tracking at the ad level. This means you can find orgin of any customer down to the very ad they clicked even if the sale occurs months to years after the first click.

This allows you to see the true long term ROI on every ad your run

Advertising on web

Checkout System

Unlike other systems that require you to rip up your checkout process or create custom code Hyros seamlessly plugs into almost every checkout system on the market. This allows us to make sure that no sale slips past our tracking.

And this allows you to connect your ads to any sale anytime anywhere.

Checkout System on web


Sales are about money and your business does not stop at the sale. There are recurring payments, refunds, chargebacks and additional payments that are critical to getting your true numbers. Hyros plugs directly into Paypal and Stripe with a few clicks which lets us keep accurate down to the cent revenue tracking of your business.

This allows you to calculate the actual cash flow of your business effortlessly.

Revenue growth

Customer Profile

Hyros uses a unique process to create customer profiles with multiple touch points that allow us to track your customers beyond their IP, cookies, or emails. Hyros combines countless data points together to make sure we do not lose your customers and always assign sales to the right source.

This allows you to get your numbers without thinking and know they are right.

Learning about customers

Email Marketing

Hyros then allows you to automate your email marketing based on the REAL sales data that you have coming in. You can send emails based on the pages, purchases, clicks, refunds, ANY action your customers take inside your business. We then use emails to constantly ad additional tracking points to your customers allowing for a tracking system like no other.

This allows you to take the data you have gathered and optimize around it.

We can also plug into your email system as long as they allow email short codes

Email Marketing

The Result TRUE TRACKING A Breakthrough In Marketing Tracking

ALL IN ONE TOOL Full Top Tier Email Delivery And Management

The Hyros system is designed to work with high level top tier A+ quality mailers. This is why we hired the former head of delivery at Aweber and recruited team of email “scientist” we are able to get delivery results like no other platform.

If you care about inboxing and not being placed with hundreds to thousands of low tier mailers, Hyros is the place for you.

We even offer complete delivery optimization and management for high tier clients. If you have 100,000+ leads/customer profiles reach out to our team on the pricing or chat system. We can dramatically increase your inboxing with zero thinking on your end.

Delivery And Management
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In A Simple I-Phone
Easy Platform

Stop Guessing Know. Everything.