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Become a Hyro-agency

$1K-$15K comissions per referral


Plus, you get the full support of the Hyros Army

When you promote HYROS you get

Full promotional/affiliate group access

A dedicated FAST AS HELL rep to help you with literally anything you need

Tons of material and help selling HYROS to your clients

Get paid to improve your service


HYROS fixes the recent tracking updates that hit Facebook. It allows you to run your clients ads MUCH more efficiently


It also allows you to train Google and Facebooks AIs MUCH better with our conversion API


You can easily create a reliable attribution system across all your traffic sources


You get a MASSIVE upgrade to the results you can get AND you get PAID for it with our commissions


Can I buy accounts for my clients?

Yes. In fact, if you buy or pay for your clients' accounts out of pocket you will receive a 30% discount. This means you can upgrade your service and get your clients a better ROI without having to pay full price. If you wish to do this you can just ad clients at your own disgression from your agency's master account.

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