The Highest ROI Email Funnel For Ads (10x ROI Case Study)

The Highest ROI Email Funnel For Ads (10x ROI Case Study)

Hey Highrolians, I’m Becker, and I want to walk you through my email funnel that is responsible for a substantial amount of our profits at Hyros. Unfortunately, I can’t give the exact number but let’s say that about 25% of our sales come from our six-week email follow-up funnel. 

And that’s a huge chunk of sales when you compare it to our ad spend. And if we did that, our ads would be almost 25% less profitable, and that’s a real bummer. 

So I want to show you this funnel because I think if you applied it to your business, it could go and increase your sales by 50%, or at least 25%. 

A lot of time, people end up ignoring their email funnel because they treat it like a fun bonus round, and you don’t really need to do it. 

If you looked at our stats, you look at our tracking stats of where our sales are coming from, and it would be preposterous, it would be bonkers. So it would be biblically silly not to run an email funnel. 

So, I’m going to break down our funnel, how it works, and show you how we run ads to it and how it interacts with our ads. 

This is to help you make more money. When you make more money, you’ll say, “Hey, I want to track my ads to make more money.” If you upgrade your Hyros account, you’ll learn to scale your ads. 

So let’s get into it.

I want to break down our six weeks of the email follow-up process. And you’re probably wondering, Alex, why six weeks?

If you look at my Hyros account, you’re going to look at the sales that came in, and if you look at my reporting section right here, you can see this guy who bought from me clicked back in February–it’s August right now–so actually, six weeks is really a short period of time.

When I went through all my tracking with Hyros, I noticed people were waiting a long time to go and buy something, often after months, not weeks. 

I can also track how people are interacting with the emails as well. And “Whoa” people are interacting, and we’re getting our calls from these emails. But if I decided after a couple of weeks, I’d lose tons of these calls. 

I decided to go overkill with this because it takes people longer to make that buying decision. And email is the number one way we’re bringing people back to our offer. 

So, first thing, and I want to stress this, you don’t need to use Hyros to email to do this, but this plugs into anything you can use. So, for example, you can use this email funnel and ad campaign using MailChimp, or wherever you want, and it will track. 

Here’s how our email funnel works; a person opts-in and then goes through a sales funnel call, which I’ve talked about also in this blog. If you want to see how the sales call works, it will be recommended at the end of this post. So I will not bother breaking into how the sales funnel call works right now. 

Once they get the sales call funnel, they’re going to go through a week-long process which is the main goal to get them to book a call with us. So that means they’re going to get an email right away, followed by a second email right away as well. 

If they don’t click on either of these emails, and this is a huge pro tip, they are removed from the list. So we will never email someone who didn’t open one of our first two emails. 

Here’s why; when you’re emailing out and don’t get a 35-40% open rate, you’re going to get kicked off Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail; they’re just not going to deliver for you. 

So, if they open one of the first two emails, what we’re going to do is we’re going to send them one that we say is their last opportunity to book a call. Just call us now. 

After this point, they will be sent to what I call our boot camp email funnel, a four-part series of videos.

The first video focuses on scaling ads, while the second video focuses on saving money with ads. The third focuses on scaling with AI, and the fourth focuses on using LTV to grow. 

Next, they go into our training funnel, which lasts about four weeks and what that does is we really want people to join our community. We also really want people to appreciate our brand overall. 

The thing with building a long-term business, which has everything to do with email marketing, is that you want people to join your cause. You want people to have that Apple-like effect, to be part of a community, and to be a really, really big fan of your business. 

The best way to do that is not just to provide a service but to provide a lifestyle. So, for example, we provide a lifestyle of running super effective ads, and we provide training to help them with that lifestyle. 

We send them some training in our emails, and I say to do it twice a week. The pieces of training will always be about something cool and tie back to Hyros. There will be two offers or a chance to book a call. You can check out our ad consulting if you want more of what I did in the example.

It’s not actually that complicated. We go to a call us now funnel to a boot camp funnel than a training funnel.

We’re hitting them up as many times as possible because, who knows, they may be busy or something. They just didn’t have time. So we hit them up a bunch because maybe they will have time and a final call-to-action saying, ‘Hey, this is all other benefits I know you may not have.” 

Maybe they haven’t seen the sales video, but we’ll show them some really cool stuff. So the pitch is to come back to this call, the boot camp, and we send them a bunch of things so they can pick what’s important to them. 

And then, it converts them after it trains them and then the pitch comes in that is specific to what is important to their needs. 

The training just hits them up every which way and shows them use cases for our software while helping them out and getting them as a part of our Facebook community that makes them go, “wow, I can make more money with Hyros.”

One of the key benefits of selling something that works and gets results like Hyros is when a person comes to us. They routinely make 30-50% more from their ads. So if we can get them to understand that, they will buy Hyros. 

So the training goal is not to be pushy but to help them understand that, look, you plug this in on what I’m talking about, and you’re going to make a lot more money. 

Now I want to show you a few keys to this before I show you the actual funnels themselves. 

There are two things you need to keep in mind about email funnels. First, if you’re running ads with an email funnel, and this is bad, imagine a person goes and opts in. A person clicks the opt-in, and two really nasty things happen if you’re tracking your emails and ads as a bonus source.  

When a person comes in, you’re tracking it, saying, “Okay, I want to track if the person came from email one or email two.” 

What’s going to happen? 

When we run ads, let’s imagine we spent $100 to get this person into the funnel. If the person clicks email two, that email is going to get credit for the click, which is what is going to happen in Google Analytics or other tracking software that is out there. What I was not going to see was which ad generated the click.

On the flip side, if we ignore emails and see the click, we’re going to think, “ok, cool, we need to keep tracking this ad.” However, that’s not going to work because the email number, #2, is the one that is generating the click. So you’re going to think that the email isn’t working and may take it down or not focus on it. So you’ll end up seeing just broad, general data that doesn’t specify what is working for you. 

I can see my tracking separately, letting me see what sources are working and what emails or ads are working rather than getting mixed signals. I don’t know how you can do this without Hyros. I can separate sources into different categories to track my data better. 

It’s easy for me to separate my sources. I can edit it and select the type of traffic sources, like my email source. And so what this allows me to do is when I’m loading up reports, I can go and make it include my email sources, ignore email sources, let me see only my ads that are generating sales, or even isolate what emails are causing sales. 

What I can do is to generate a report for, say, the last day or two, and when I get the report, I can see all the calls that came directly from my emails, which are named Hyros, and then I can see all the sales that came directly from my emails. 

If I wanted to map it down even further, I could see specific emails closing and getting me calls and which ones didn’t get a click. 

By isolating the data like this, I can see what people interact with, which helps me decide what emails to keep running. 

Then, I can generate a report that only includes my ad sources, so I’m not mixing that data with my email reports. So, my ad clicks won’t be mixed in with my email clicks. 

Separating these reports lets me look at where my clicks are coming from. Are they coming from these ads or these emails? By looking at this data in this way, I can see where I’m getting my best ROI and optimizing those emails that are performing the best. 

Another thing you really need to be aware of is the LTV of every single opt-in of your email funnel, and I’m going to look at the long-term revenue for a person. 

This is why follow-ups are so significant with an email funnel. It costs me about $10 to get a person to opt in, and I earn back about $52 for every person who comes in. 

But, by week two, I’ve only made about 50% ROI, but by up that to 150% by week 25, which is a 5x increase.

After a person opts in, we’ll send them back to a call page. This is the exact strategy I use to grow. So what’s going to happen is that the person is sent back here twice; we really want them to watch the video with all the benefits of Hyros and show them testimonials–we’ve got huge brands and everything in between, then we want them to book a call. 

The next thing we’ll do is after the two emails. We’re going to send them to a page without a sales video. It says, “Hey if you want to make more money from your ads, book a call.” 

And that’s the first stage of our funnel. So if a person doesn’t open either of the first two emails, that’s it. We don’t send them anymore. 

After this funnel stage, the next step is for them to go to our boot camp.

Here we’re going to send them three emails, each with a different angle that they will enjoy about how to do their ads. 

The first email will be all about scaling their ads. The second one is about how to save on their ads. Finally, the boot camp’s third and final email is about scaling with AI. 

When a person lands here, they’ll be like, cool, I want to learn to scale, but something else may tickle their fancy, like learning how to use LTV data. We then have a sales funnel that has been crushing it for that. 

The person basically sells themselves by picking what interests them the most, and we close with them by booking a sales call.

We want people in the boot camp to get curious and then sell themselves and book a call. Because if they’re a qualified customer, there’s something at Hyros for them that will increase their business by at least 20%.

The next step is to get them into our training funnel, which is a long funnel and is like this post. It’s all about getting people to our blog, being a part of our brand, and seeing us as a resource for the great information.

If we deliver great information and people make more money from their ads, they will think about us. So they’ll give us $10 a month and make $100 per month. It’s the easiest way to upgrade your business ever. 

If we can just do that, if we can be in their mind, we’re going to be able to grow them further. We’re going to send them to our blog to get more training, and at the bottom of the blog, they will be able to check out more training with a chance to book a call with a hard pitch at the end of every training. 

On top of that, we do upsell training with my YouTube consulting program, which has more 6-and-7 figure results than any other program I can think of. So maybe people think, “hey, I want to get some training and help with my ads,” so we’ll send them to click the button. We’ll also send them to our Facebook group to interact with other customers in the community and see the great things happening for everyone. 

Finally, we’ll send them to more training so that they can pick and choose the type of things they want to sell. 

And that’s everything we do in our email funnel. We will continue sending people down our funnel as long as we can and constantly add more training.

Long story short, we don’t just blast the person with a spammy email saying, “Hey, buy, buy, buy!”

One last thing, though, is that every 3-4 emails, we send them back to a call-to-action page that says, “Hey, if you’ve enjoyed these pieces of training, would you like us to set this up for you? If you would like help, then give us a call.”

This simple follow-up email is responsible for so many of our sales calls, even though you saw it took months for some of the calls. 

Frankly, when people come into the business, it can take months to book a call, and Facebook isn’t going to catch this because the long term is where it’s happening. And so, looking at this data, I can continue to pay for $10 leads, knowing that it will have ROI down the road at $52. 

It’s a better investment than Bitcoin. 

Those are all the pages we send people to, and if you want to learn how to track it all and separate your email tracking to see what emails are performing and what to optimize using Hyros, book a call with us. 

We have a 90-day guarantee, so if you don’t see the fantastic results I’ve talked about, you don’t pay. On top of that, if you want help building these funnels and seeing the marketing results you want, book a call and check out our masterclass. 

Finally, check out our Facebook group that has real people with over 40 million a month in ad spend, which is the best group out there for this type of thing.


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