How Does HYROS Work and FAQs

This Page Contains A Demo Via The Video Below and Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

In This Video You Will Learn To

  • Why HYROS can save you 20-30% of your ad spend WITHOUT lowering sales.
  • How HYROS allows businesses to scale at least 20-30% further
  • How HYROS can train Facebook and Google AIs to find your customers
    more cheaply
  • How HYROS provides you unmatched long-term customer value analytics
    so you can see your customer's true value


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How Does HYROS "Print Tracking" Work and Why Use It Over Ad Platform Base Tracking

HYROS Print tracking works by integrating with EVERY part of your business. Your traffic sources, landing pages, funnels, checkouts, phone calls, email, and much more are all synced to one source. HYROS then tracks your customers across ten data points (aka print tracking) and combines the data to give you extremely detailed and accurate tracking data.

How Fast Can HYROS Be Set Up and Will It Take Editing Tons Of Code?

HYROS can literally be setup in minutes and no, even non-technical users will be able to complete setup.
Even better when you sign up for HYROS you will have a dedicated rep to help you. We will ALSO do this at NO ADDITIONAL cost.

Why Use HYROS Over Ad Platform Or Analytics UTM Tracking (Why Our Tracking Is Better)

HYROS Print tracking works by integrating with EVERY part of your business and provides your full data. Ad platforms and analytics provide a one size fits all that simply does not plug into all the places needed to get accurate data. They are also "black boxes" that do not allow you to confirm the accuracy of the tracking and will constantly misattribute sales or take credit for each other.

How Does HYROS Train My Ad Platform AI's To Find Customers Better

HYROS allows you to send data via offline conversions to ad platforms to match conversions back to the ad that generated the sale. Once the data is uploaded you can set your ad platforms to optimize based on HYROS's far more accurate data, thus improving your ad targeting.

Why Is HYROS Better Than Other Systems On The Market?

At HYROS we build our business by delivering superior results, not by trashing our competitors. Simply put, HYROS is unlike any other tracking system on the market and we take completely different approaches to tracking. It would be like comparing a helicopter to a pickup truck.
Here is what we suggest
#1 : PLEASE go try our "competitors" and run our tracking head to head with them. Unlike our competitors, we have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee BECAUSE we know our services deliver superior results. We are 100% positive you will see not only better tracking, but also better customer support, an easier-to-use platform and setup, and far more specialized features for education businesses.
#2 : Go to our customer Facebook group HERE and ask our customers about their experiences on other platforms VS HYROS. There is a reason people constantly leave other platforms to become HYROS customers for life. Our customers are quite vocal about why they love our platform.


Can I Bring On My Clients And Get Commissions?
We are EXTREMELY picky with who we let share our brand and represent us. We do have a CERTIFIED agency program and do allow agencies to get commissions for referring clients. You can get more details on that HERE or speak with your onboard rep.
Can I Import Previous Data And Get Retro-Active Results?
At this time you cannot upload previous data, it is important to start a tracking profile as soon as possible.
How Is This Different Than Wicked Reports
We have countless customers in our Facebook group who have fled Wicked and are more than happy to give you their feedback HERE as well. Just search WICKED when you get there.
Can I Cancel At Any Time?
Yes. Not only can you cancel we have a 90-day ANY REASON YOU WANT refund guarantee
Why? Because:
#1: We don't believe in charging you if you not happy
#2: We are extremely confident you will love HYROS and not be able to live without it once you see how much it will help you grow your business.
Can I Show HYROS Data In My Ad Platform Managers?
Yes. You can pass the data into custom columns in your ad managers and display your tracking results next to your normal ad metrics.
I Have A Lot Of Custom Things Will My Business Be Too Hard To Set Up?
There are VERY few tracking setups we have not encountered. We can plug into almost any setup, regardless of how "custom" it is.
Ask your onboarding rep. In the case that we cannot plug in we have a full 90-day refund guarantee. You will NEVER pay a dime if you fail to see results.
Can I Track My Email Marketing?
Yes, we plug into every email system imaginable. If you want to track down to the email we do that. If you want to track your email "overall" we do that.

Who Is Using HYROS and What Are They Saying?

These are businesses that already have income and use our tracking systems. Again. The results below are to display
our tracking accuracy and attribution results and in NO WAY reflect income you
should expect to earn.


"Hyros is ESSENTIAL for tracking our webinar funnels"

Dan Henrys

"We are so glad we got set up when we did or we would of (conservatively) lost millions in wasted ad spend"


"Hyros has a ton of potential to provide insight on which campaigns to scale/cut without relying on solely Facebook’s attribution."


"HYROS gives the best data ever"

Parker Walbeck

"HYROS got us to 99% tracked when other tracking platforms maxed out at 40%"

Impact Theory

"Exactly the info we needed. Eye-opening." - IT's Ad Team

Billy Genes BillyGeneIsMarketing.Com

What our customers have to say


These are not "highlight reel" results. These are the typical ever day results we get our customers and can get YOU if you book a call below


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