4 Ad Designs That Are DOMINATING Facebook Ads

4 Ad Designs That Are DOMINATING Facebook Ads

Fellow HYRO-lians. It’s Becker.

Today’s post is purdy simple. I am going to walk you through my highest-converting Facebook ads and why they work. When you combine all my ads together they did a little over 600,000 in sales last month off of just over 70k in ad spend….

Long story short…they work…decently…sorta…okay…well. They are fully broken down in the video below.


Hyrolians, I have another post for you (surprise, surprise) that will show you all the things I do with my Facebook ads that generate millions of dollars in sales at a significant ROI. 

For example, in some of our Hyros funnels, we spend about $3,000 and routinely get $15- to $30,000 daily sales. I want to show you these funnels, how I started them up, and how I run them for my other business offerings, like the coaching program, so you can see them and compare. 

If you’re running Hyros, you’re probably selling e-commerce or info marketing, which will help you. What’s the catch? There is no catch. 

I want to help you make money with your ads. But, then, when you think about making more money on your ads, you’ll think about tracking them with Hyros, which is the best in the world for that, so it’s in my best interest to just tell you everything I know about running ads. 

Let’s Talk About the Facebook Ad Manager

Since we’re on the subject of Facebook ads, I’m just going to dive into my Facebook ad manager. First, let’s talk about how we scale Facebook ads and the ones that have been most successful. These are incredibly successful for high-ticket offers like a call funnel or something, but they can work with anything.

One thing that I won’t do is hit you on the head with pitches for Hyros in these posts. So instead, I will show you the most important things to me in scaling ads and the ad results using the Chrome Hyros extension. 

In this ad, the Hyros extension shows I got 7 calls while Facebook shows me I got a single call. 

So Facebook missed all of them. In another ad, Facebook gave it 12 calls when I only had 7. So you can see it’s not tracking the number of sales on webinars and call funnels that I can track. 

I’m not saying Facebook’s tracking is super bad, but when you’re running multiple layers of ads with Google ads and YouTube ads, you will get a lot of cross-reporting, and data will be wrong. In addition, Facebook will report bad data, like when multiple people view a page, or a person refreshes a page numerous times. 

I just got my Hyros extension up and running recently, and looking at my ads, you can see I mistakenly turned off ads that were giving massive amounts of profits that I’m going to turn back on. 

Instead of scaling based on cost per call, I can’t say this enough, scale around sales and profit. 

If you choose to scale based on cost per call, verify the calls you have coming in, especially if you have multiple traffic sources because Facebook loves to give itself credit for virtually everything else you’re doing on other traffic sources. 

So if you’re scaling off anything other than sales, you’re scaling off faulty data. 

Let me show you how my strategy works and the psychology behind it. If you nail this, you’re going to do really, really well with Facebook ads and almost improve your ROI on your ads immediately. 

The insights I’m going to give you are those that few people have. I network with top YouTubers, people with 5 million and 10 million subscribers, and it’s one of the benefits of my channel. So the insights I have are different from most advertisers. 

If you look at YouTube thumbnails and YouTube headlines, you have the key to generating great Facebook ads. 

Also, if you look at the native content already on Facebook and include it with what you see on YouTube, you will have insights into what people are looking for and what they want on platforms like Facebook. 

Three types of ads do well on Facebook and Instagram. These types of ads are infographics, image ads constructed in very specific ways, and cell phone ads where you’re talking on a cell phone. 

Let me explain this in a very specific way one by one. 

In this example, you can see the line of text right here that ends right at the “see more” line. This is where the ads end on cell phones, which is where most of your ads will be seen. 

This makes it extremely important that your ad copy includes the benefit before this line. In terms of ad ROI, this has been an unfair advantage I’ve had for years. I pay 30-50% less to get customers than my competitors, and in this ad example, you can see my significant enticing benefit is before the “see more” cutoff. 

Headlines Matter

Next, headlines. You want to make sure that your headlines are not cut off. 

This is basic stuff, people. And here’s where it gets more advanced. When you’re crafting your text and forming your heading, keep in mind that you never tell the person what they’ll gain by clicking the ad.

The biggest mistake I repeatedly see on Facebook and YouTube ads are when a person says, “Hey, I’m going to teach you to make more money from your Shopify store and how to make money on Shopify.” 

What happens is that every Shopify ad you’ve ever seen or experienced with making online money ads gets put onto your ad. If you said, “Hey, want to see Return of the Jedi??” You’d answer, no, I’ve seen it. I know what it’s about. The feedback loop has been completed. 

Instead, what you want to do with your text and ad is you never tell them what they’ll see. Instead, you tell them they will benefit and build a mystery around it.  

I’m selling ad tracking, and this line of javascript has been an unfair advantage for years. I paid way less than my customer’s mystery. AI print tracking is like jet fuel for social ads. 

What the hell is AI print tracking? First, at Hyros, we use AI to track and scale ads. However, it’s rare, and we use fingerprint tracking, which most people don’t know about. 

So here’s how it works. If you were selling a course on how to make more money or one on how to make money on Shopify, I wouldn’t just say it, as I mentioned earlier. Instead, I would say something like, “The import strategy 7-Eleven used to make a 5,000% markup that I’m now using to make $500 a day.” 

What is that going to attract? It’s going to attract money and people interested in this new opportunity. So you want to put this massive benefit and mystery to create FOMO – fear of missing out. 

For example, if you were making an ad and wanted to know clickthrough rates, these ads about how a diet increased my IQ by 10 points only had 45,000 views, but then there’s my ad which is just my face and this brain-turd-looking thing.

Most people on Facebook who make an ad about video games being bad would say that in the thumbnail. Then, they have people playing video games while discussing how it lowers your attention span. No one will ever click that. 

Or better, this ad that says Graham Stevens ruined everything. The background is phased out, and the Lamborghini is highlighted. You want the reader’s eye to rest. You want to capture their attention. 

With ads, you know what’s going to attract people’s attention. 

For example, if you over-explain, like my 1-million-a-month YouTube scripts ads, my 8-figure YouTube ad script only gets 21,000 views. But this ad, the one that is a video of me just sitting in the corner and that says “I spent millions on garbage,” received over 189,000 views. 

The Eyes Have It! (Focus their attention)

You never want to tell them what they’ll get, but you want them to focus their eye on something and drag them into your ad. 

Most people are going to watch, but most aren’t going to listen. So craft your ads with silence in mind. Most people will watch in silence, which is why infographic ads work so well. 

Video ads with cool graphics that change every 3-5 seconds with text underneath are the best way to reach people since most people aren’t going to click below the “see more” button.

An image that hooks your audience that is already targeted by the text in your headline copy is the best way to attract them to click your ads. 

When you’re doing an image ad, you want only one thing happening in the ad. You want to hook the eye and create a question.

Another thing is to use a big, bold statement and extreme emotional expressions

But, you can’t just go and put yourself on the beach as your image. It has to be an image that creates curiosity and mystery

Okay, so now think about what kinds of ads people watch on their phones when they’re on Instagram. 

They’re going to watch those damn infographic ads, pictures of people (and the ads that do the best focus on one image that creates a mystery) and third, you’re going to be watching people talking on their phones. 

That’s the TikTok-type content that is all over the internet. 

When they see a phone ad, you want to hook people with a phone ad and have a killer headline. 

These Three Ads Kill It For Cold Ads 

  1. For retargeting, you want to use the type of thumbnail I discussed with the YouTube ad. It has extreme emotion and a bold statement that creates a question. 
  1. Next, use a provocative statement and dive into the ad’s text. 
  1. Finally, use a big call to action and go right to the big benefit. 

To get them attracted, use an emotional face expression and create a little mystery that is provocative. Another thing that works really well also is memes or pictures from a movie. 

To get the click you want with your ad, use a powerful emotional expression and a clear benefit-driven statement in your headline and your text. 

When I see people in e-commerce just state how the product will clear acne, it’s stupid. Instead, they would kill it if they built some mystery around their product. 

If you scroll through Facebook, you can tell immediately if it’s an ad. Right here, I love Russell, but it screams he will sell me something. 

Remember, you don’t want to have something that looks like ads. You want something TikTok-y or YouTube-y with a call-to-action that doesn’t look like it was planned. It’s just so obvious when you see an ad … I do not hate on anyone’s content, but it’s so obvious when people have this type of image or content in their openings. 

If you want to crush it, use Infographics, TikTok-style ads, or have a visual focus that creates a mystery in your ads and headlines

Remember, tracking your data and scaling based on your sales is the best way to know your ROI. If you’re running multiple ads on multiple platforms and running long-term sales funnels, tracking from the Facebook ad manager won’t verify the best data. 

Okay, guys. That’s the scoop for today. 

That being said, if you want the exact tracking we use at Hyros, go below and schedule a call. You can check out Hyros, and we have a 90-day guarantee that you’ll see results on your ROI, or you will pay nothing. 

Thanks for joining me. This has been Becker of Hyros. Have a good one.

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