BY FAR The Highest Converting Facebook Ad Script I’ve Ever Used

BY FAR The Highest Converting Facebook Ad Script I’ve Ever Used

I’m Alex Becker, CEO of, you know, that Hyros company thing that makes everybody’s ads run better. But that’s not important. What is important is that I’m going to give you an ad script that I’ve used in my business, that hundreds of businesses who I’ve helped have used, and that just absolutely crushes on Facebook. 

It gets people to pay attention better. It gets them to watch the entire video. And more importantly, whatever you’re trying to get them to do after the click, it gets them to do it at a much higher rate while dropping your cost per lead or your cost per sale immensely. 

I’m not telling you this just because I think it’s cool. I’ve seen this every single time in my business. I’ve seen it across all the businesses that I’ve worked with. And I think you should know it, too because my goal as CEO of Hyros is that when you watch these videos, you use this information to grow your ad account. 

In turn, it makes you buy a higher level of tracking account at Hyros. Then, you can increase the ROI of your ads using our AI optimization like everybody else. It benefits me when you do better from your ad. So I’m just going to tell you how to do it and tell you what I see in the industry. 

And by the way, as you read this, I’m gonna tell you everything I know about it. But if you actually want help with your ads or getting on YouTube, book a call with me below. My team and I have coached hundreds of businesses to their first six figures, seven figures, and a few eight figures. So it’s useful, but this is gonna be useful, too. But pay attention to this first. 

If you’re interested in doing this on YouTube, as well, I have a full script for how I run my YouTube ads, which is where I’m a little bit more lethal than Facebook. Again, that’s in the video description on my channel. I release tons of cool content on there constantly. If you enjoy that, please just leave a like, hit the notification bell, and subscribe. That’s going to make sure that you see whenever we release this content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The stuff I’m releasing on this channel is better than anything you’ll get in a paid course.

That being said, let’s just get into it.

Wanna See My Best-Performing Ad? Here you go …

Okay, guys. So what we’re looking at right here is by far my best-performing ad in our arsenal.

Right now, I want to stress that I have many different ads in the ad set, but they all follow this script and template. They all follow this format. What you’re gonna see here applies to almost every single ad I run, specifically to cold traffic. For retargeting, I might have a little bit different script. 

This ad crushes, and I want to break down every little part of it because it’s a big cake. There’s the icing, there are the strawberries, and they all tie together. Okay, if I stuck mangoes on top of this “cake,” it wouldn’t work. Every little thing ties together. 

Keep Mobile in Mind for Facebook Ad Creation

So the first thing you need to always do when you’re making a Facebook ad is to understand that most people are going to view your ad on mobile. What it looks like on a desktop is where you’re going to be building an app, but it’s very different. You can see there’s more text that’s shown and you can see the full entire headline is shown.

And frankly, you can already see a few little problems with this on mobile. You can see the headline doesn’t quite finish. What’s important is this big headline right here.

Ads Have Two Steps

You have to understand that there are two steps to your ad. There’s what catches people’s attention. And then there’s what they are going to read once you have their attention. So first thing, for this script showing right here, you need to make sure that before the See More button, you have a big huge benefit. 

And then you have a pre-setup with something like, “Here’s how.” It sets them up to think, Okay, I want to see the rest of this. 

It goes like this: 

“So let’s skip the fluff. Hyros lowers ad costs by as much as 52% while increasing ad ROI, period. Here’s how.” 

So that right there is a really big hook. Then they can click the See More button. I’ll get into everything that’s after the See More button. But really, this is the least important part of that because no one’s going to read this. 

If You Want Better Results, Try Videos!

What I’ve seen in all my testing is that videos do better. There are times when images will do better, but videos usually do better. So, the next most important thing is that when you have your ad video, you need to understand that the first frame of your video (or you can set the thumbnail) is going to be what people see. 

You can see what I have right here. I have this little thumb drive in the center right there.

Why am I doing that? Is Hyros stored on the thumb drive? No, it’s not at all. But people want to know what the heck this is. Some of the best ads out there have a person holding a weird object or something. It starts a loop in the person’s head that they have to finish. 

They have to figure out what this thing is and what relevance there is to it. Okay? If it’s just you sitting somewhere around a laptop, the intrigue isn’t created with the same effect. 

What I love to do is make this first headline a massive challenge, something like …

“Our tracking AI will scale your ads, or you don’t pay!”

Now let me explain what I’m doing right here because there are so many things going on with this headline. First off, “You will make more money or you don’t pay” is just such a bold statement. It’s like I walked up and slapped $100,000 on the table in Vegas and said, “The Packers are going to win the Super Bowl.” You’re gonna want to know why I believe so strongly in what I just said.

Go Bold, or Go Home

If I just say something like, “Our tracking will scale your ad,” then you’re like, “Okay, sure.” Or if I say, “Our tracking will scale your ads or I’ll give you money … or it’s free,” then you’re like, “Okay, this guy couldn’t make the statement if it wasn’t true” because then you want to make money. 

That’s what I like to do. Can you make that in every business? No, but I like to make businesses where I can guarantee results … Because it’s just so much easier to sell something when you know it’s gonna get a person results. 

Can you imagine selling a refrigerator that only turns on 80% of the time and how stressful that’d be? No, I just want to sell a refrigerator that turns on every time. A person gives me money, they get cold food. That’s what I like to sell, okay? “This refrigerator will cool your food, or it’s free.” 

That’s actually how businesses should be run. If your product doesn’t get results, it should be free. 

Anyways … 

Now there’s one other thing I’m doing right here: AI will scale your ads. So Hyros does plug into the Facebook and Google AIs, and it sends correct data to them. It makes AI targeting much more effective. People that plug the AI in see a lower cost per acquisition. That’s just how it is. 

(If you’re interested in getting that you should book a call below. It’s in the description. I don’t know why you’d run ads without it.) 

I’m also focusing on the AI aspect of Hyros. When there are really two parts to Hyros—there’s really advanced tracking that allows you to see everything and make great decisions, and then there’s the feeding in the AI. 

Be Provocative. Capture Attention. Create Mystery.

The reason why I focus on the AI aspect right here is that people are very interested in AI and just the general concept of it. It’s mysterious, it’s sexy, and people don’t know what it is. It’s provocative. The reason why I want to use something that’s provocative is that it catches a person’s attention and creates mystery that they want to figure out. 

What is AI? What is he referring to? And how’s it gonna scale my ads? 

If I just tell people that our tracking will help them make better decisions, people instantly get it. You want the headline that offers a big benefit, a massive guarantee, or bet, and then creates mystery with how it’s going to do it. Then people want to know how it’s going to do it and why you’re so confident in it. 

That’s why I use AI so much in our ads. Yes, it is a big part of Hyros, but it’s also the most mysterious part, and I want to use mystery. 

Right here, I have this:

“Take the Hyros challenge. Your ads scale or it’s free.” 

On your desktop, you can see this clearly. Frankly, this ad already needs to be improved a little bit, but you’re gonna see in my headlines that I always have a message like this. I love “Take the Hyros Challenge” because it’s like telling them, “Hey, we’ll bet on our software, we’ll bet on our product, or it’s free. You will make more money, or it’s free.”

That is just such a big, bold bet. That is a $100,000 bet on the Packers winning the Super Bowl. You want the viewer to be thinking, Alright, wait. Why is this guy so confident? By this point in time, I’ve really held the person’s attention, and they’re going to do two things, they’re going to click See More, or they’re just going to watch the video. (They’re usually going to watch the video.) 

Okay, I’m gonna get into the copy of the text here in a second, but the video is just so much more important. And if you understand how the video works, you also understand how to write the text. So let’s get into this video real quick. Let’s break down the script five to ten seconds at a time. 

“If you run ads, this AI tracking script will scale your ads at least 20% further and get customers as much as 52% cheaper, I guarantee it. No, literally guarantee it. This is called Hyros. And if it doesn’t get you those results, you don’t pay for it.” 

Call Out What People Truly Want

So what did I just do there? I called out exactly what people wanted. You have to understand that I don’t want to sell people AI. AI is the story behind the benefit they’re going to get. 

What do I mean by “the story they’re going to get?” People want more money from their ads. People want the result—more dates, more money from their business, a faster computer processor, to learn code quickly. They want a result, okay? 

Now what I do there is tell them they’re going to get the result in a mysterious way that they are also very interested in. It’s hard to describe what I’m using this for … But whenever you’re thinking about anything you’re going to sell, you want the benefit and the story behind how they’re going to get the benefit to be a new opportunity

If people believe it’s an opportunity they’ve already seen, they’re going to nix it out. That is the most important thing when you’re running any business via ads. It has to appear like a new opportunity. 

Offer a New Opportunity

It’s even better if you actually have a new opportunity. The combination of AI and tracking at Hyros is something that literally no other business has. They just don’t. There are few other people that have ways to send in data as we do, but nobody has all the assets we do—especially with the Facebook API, it is a new opportunity. 

But even if you’re not selling a truly new opportunity, what you want to do is present it as a new opportunity. For example, if you’re selling a Shopify course or something like that, you don’t want to present it as “How to Make Money With Shopify.” You want to present it by finding a loophole between Chinese imports that 7-Eleven has been abusing for years that you can now use to get into the same hyper-profitable loophole that they’ve been abusing. 

If it’s dating, it has to be something like, “I discovered an algorithm in Tinder that gets me 5,000% more dates.” People don’t understand the algorithm. They don’t know what it is, but it’s a new opportunity, okay? The benefit is more dates, the benefit is more ROI from your ads. 

Now, what I also do right here is make that big, big guarantee. Okay, so not only do I bet super hard on it, which raises the level of intrigue, but I also show all the businesses that back up this bet. It’s not that they’re like directly backing it up and saying, “We swear on this,” but they use the systems. 

And so I show big brands that people know about in testimonials. And that’s why big brands like, Tom, BIOS,, Dean Graziosi, and Tony Robbins’,  six-, seven-, eight-, and nine-figure e-commerce brands such as, massive influencers with millions of followers, sales and ads leaders like Dan Henry, and even one of the highest revenue Funnel Hackers of all time Alex Hermosi with—they all use us, too.

It’s Okay to Name Drop When It Comes to Ads

What did I just do there? When it comes to ads, it’s so important as you start a business to recognize who your target customer is going to be and then determine who they look up to. If you can get those people in your business, these people are going to flock to your business like crazy. I think this is one of the best sales tactics ever. 

How do you do this? Well, the best way to actually do that is when you’re designing your business, think of something that the business actually needs, it’s a new opportunity. Okay, for example, if I was selling another MailChimp when I ran Market Hero, which is an email software, none of these big brands would have come on, not a single one, because they already have an email autoresponder. 

But none of these big brands really had a good tracking or AI optimization solution. So I designed it for them, I got them on first, and I got them their results. In return, I asked for a testimonial, or at least to be able to use them as examples. 

What Is the Point of an Ad?

So what did I just do? I made a huge benefit. I created a story around it. People still aren’t really sure how I get the results at this point. And I’m going to keep it that way intentionally because the point of an ad is not to explain everything, it’s to get a person to click, and then go to the sales copy where you then convert them

This is so important for you to understand. With ads, I see people explaining everything in their ads. Remember, the point of the ad is to get the click to the page that is going to convert the person. So again, you notice that I made a big benefit, I kept it mysterious, and I guaranteed it. In essence, I put $100,000 on the table for the Packers, then I showed the big businesses that these people look up to do it. 

So at this point, people are like, Okay, I don’t know what this is, but it’s provocative. I want to know what’s going on here. How is this going to work? Obviously, this guy is guaranteeing it, and he couldn’t make these statements if he couldn’t make money from it working. And then all these people I know are using it, so what’s going on here?

Frankly, if you’re not using it too, you’re at a massive disadvantage because you’re paying way too much to get a customer. When you use print tracking plus AI optimization, you pay much less. 

FOMO Is Real … And It Works!

Alright, so here’s the next thing you need to understand. What just happened here? I’m going for FOMO. FOMO is the best way to get people to click ads. FOMO is the entire reason people are dumping their life savings into Bitcoin right now. They’re afraid of missing out. 

Fear Of Missing Out is so extremely powerful that it can destroy you. When you’re investing, it can destroy you in so many aspects of your life. Or it can get you to click an ad. So right here, I made the benefit, I created a mysterious story, I made a big old bet, and then I backed the bet up with reputable authority. 

And now what I’m basically saying is, “Here are all these things that I guarantee, and you’re behind the curve, you’re missing out.” I tap into FOMO. And then I increase the FOMO by identifying it around specific pains. 

For example: 

“You’re going to spend $100,000 on ads this year, and $15,000 of that is going to be wasted. You could just keep that instead and make the same amount.”

Okay, this right here shows everybody else getting in on something that’s a new opportunity. That is a powerful thing. That is the thing that gets the click. Like, “Everybody else is getting on Bitcoin except for you.” Oh, that’s literally why people are buying Bitcoin at $38,000 instead of $5,000. “Everybody’s getting rich except for you. Everybody’s getting in on this new opportunity except for you.” 

That is the most powerful driving force to get a click on an ad ever and usually to get sales … If it’s actually a true statement. 

And when we attach the FOMO to real-life pain. 

“It can scale much further, you can get customers cheaper, you can bid more competitively. And if you click this ad, I’ll explain in extreme detail how it all works. We will even set this up for you and we will also guarantee the results I’ve talked about.” 

Alright, so what do I do at this point? Wrapping it all up, here’s the formula: 

  • FOMO 
  • Massive pain 
  • If you want to know how to get out of this pain … 
  • If you want to know how to get in on what everybody else is doing?
  • If you want to know exactly what this is and how it works? 
  • Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all to you if you click … 

What I am selling in an ad is not my product. 

I am not selling Hyros in this ad at all. 

I am selling a click. 

I am asking a person to pay with a click. 

Click Is KING

That’s what you’re selling in an ad. That’s what you must understand. And so this is the sales process that gets someone to do very, very, very, very little for you. A click is a micro commitment. And so we’re using pain, FOMO, mystery, and the chance at massive benefit and massive mystery that’s also amped up by a massive bet to get a person to do one simple thing. 

And this right here is why this is so damn powerful. 

I want to stress one more thing. I don’t think the stuff that’s on the See More is really that important. I literally copy and paste everything I have on the See More for every single ad. You’re gonna see me using almost the same exact process that I use right here. 

The most important thing is this headline: “Let’s skip the fluff.” Alright, I first make everything in a way that is going to be read easily and quickly on a mobile ad. Make your thumbnail intriguing if you want to answer, “What is this thing?” Add a big bet headline using a benefit, mystery, and huge bet. 

Second headline, emphasize the big bet, like, “Your ads scale, or you don’t pay.” 

Script. Present a massive benefit via a new opportunity. Place a massive bet on it, guaranteeing it. That makes it so people think, Hey, what this guy is saying must be true because he placed a massive bet on it. I could say, “Dude, your business is gonna make $100,000 if you just listen to me.” Then people think, This guy is probably full of it like every other market

No, no, no. 

“If you don’t make $100,000, you don’t pay me.” These words cause people to believe that this guy must be delivering this or he wouldn’t make any money. And that’s what we do at Hyros—back it up with authority and rapport with people they already have a rapport with. 

Then make them feel FOMO about missing out on this new opportunity, emphasize all the problems it’s going to cause in their life the longer they wait, and urge them to click. This is how you get clicks on Facebook. This is how you get super cheap clicks on Facebook. This is how you get people to do things on Facebook.

Bonus tip: If you’re running ads on Facebook, what you need to know to actually understand which ads are going to generate the best ROI is you also need to have accurate data. Check this out right here.

If I go and look at my ad manager stats on Facebook, you can see that it said I had three calls, but it doesn’t even tell me what my ROI was. This ad set generated $7,200 at $157 per call for me. Okay, that’s an insane ROI. If I was using the basic Facebook stats, I would have thought the calls were super expensive and I wouldn’t even know it made me an ROI.

Here’s another one right here. 

Ten calls that I actually achieved. Facebook is reporting a much higher one when I only caught eight. More importantly, if we go look at some of these, Facebook will also over-report sometimes. Facebook tracking is great for one-size-fits-all plugins, throw it on, no-support-needed kind of thing. 

But if you actually want to grow off of real stats, you should go book a call below with Hyros. It’s going to help you identify which ads you have that are actually working and more importantly, generating sales not just getting clicks. 

That’s it. 

So that being said, guys, this is today’s lesson. If you appreciate stuff like this, then check out my YouTube channel because I also release videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s better than anything you will ever pay for—I guarantee it because I’m not holding anything back. I want you to grow your ads since you’ll sign up for Hyros and/or grow your ad account on Hyros and upgrade. That’s my intention right here. 

On top of that, be sure to check out my YouTube ads script. I have my exact Facebook retargeting scripts and methods there. You can find a full YouTube course and a full advanced Facebook scaling course that will show you how to scale on YouTube and Facebook. 

Finally, if you want me to actually help you with your ads and coach you on your ads, I’ve generated more six-, seven-, and eight-figure results than any other YouTube ad coach online, period

So that being said, this has been Alex Becker. See you next time.


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