How I Scaled To 8 Figures On Youtube With BROAD Keywords

How I Scaled To 8 Figures On Youtube With BROAD Keywords

Okay, guys, you read the title right–and I’m not just going to drop $25,000 on the keyword “money” on my ads, no-no-no-no-no. That’s all baby stuff. I just wanted to set the bar low for you, simpletons, but we are going to be spending about $5000 on the keyword “money.”

Look, jokes aside, last year we were able to break 8-figures in sales, mostly from running YouTube ads. 

One of the craziest audiences that got the best results was just bidding on simple little keywords like “money.” That’s it; that’s the entire ad audience. I’m not kidding, just the keyword “money.”

I’m also going to show you the other audiences which delivered massive results that kind of break this rule but use two keywords like “make money.”  It’s comically that easy.

You see people saying, I’ll show you how to make money on your iPhone, screw that. All you need is a PowerPoint presentation for this. I’m not joking.  

Okay, let’s back up. This does take some ad experience, and I have a lot of experience running ads. But if you’re a beginner, this will show you what it’s like running ads at a high scale, and if you’re a veteran, this will help you stop the super over-complication in the industry right now. 

I go into all these ad groups and all these Facebook groups, and the strategies that are being shared are ridiculous. It’s like, “alright, the first thing you’ve got to do is, do a handstand and make sure it’s raining outside. Then do six prayers to Mark Zuckerburg and layer 15 audiences to ensure it only displays on this–” what the heck are you doing?

Let me show you what to do. 

First things first, go smash that button. If you appreciate these types of things, it would be super helpful if you hit that button. It takes just a second, so click the button. 

Alright, so here we are inside my AdWords account. I want to show you this because it’s hilarious. Because if you understand how it works, it’s just way easier to run ads. 

So, as you can see, I set it from January 2019 to today. I’m going to go back through our ad campaigns, and you can see that we spent about $3 million on this one account right here. And the conversion value reported back is about $6 million.

Usually, if you’ve seen any of my other tracking stuff, you’re going to know that AdWords only catches about 40-50% of sales for this type of funnel. So it’s a little bit higher than that, but we can just work with this 3x ROI. It works just fine and dandy. 

I want to show you these three audiences here: pure money, make money, and MMO intent. 

These are the simplest targeting you can imagine. You can see about $176-121,000, or $60,000, spent right here. This is the most beginner level. Anyone can do this targeting. If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll be able to replicate this or get results. 

This is not a way to make money in your basement. I’m very good at running ads. I’m just showing you this for beginners: the “gee-whiz” information. I don’t have a course to sell you, so don’t come in here thinking I’m going to sell you some magic way to make money through YouTube ads. You won’t make any money. You won’t’’ be able to do this, ok? 

What you will learn, though, is what it looks like on a larger scale, so if you’re a veteran, maybe you should take away that it should be much simpler than what you’re probably doing right now. 

Okay, so the audience I’m running right here is a very, very simple keyword audience. You can see that I’m using “make money online.”

This ad did really well; it did $5,000 cost and earned $10,000 back. Usually should increase by about 30%, so it’s probably made about $15,000 total. 

The first thing I want to show you is how simple this targeting can be. I just target this simple keyword, and you can see the substantial amount of money I get back. I targeted many other keywords just like this, and this was a big component of how we did millions and millions of dollars worth of sales. 

I don’t run these ads because I don’t want to be in the make-money-online niche. I want to build a software company and build these types of businesses. So I gave those businesses to my partners, but it’s an excellent example of how simple targeting can be.

Just targeting huge, broad keywords works exceptionally well with your ads. I want to show you the funniest thing about this ad. It’s one of my best-performing ads. It’s going to show conversions over here because I destroyed them and took them offline, so the data got lost, which is fine. 

One of the best-performing ads was, and you’ve probably seen it, was this wolf mug.

It was just me filming playing with a wolf mug, talking about how people can build a Shopify business and whatnot. I’m sure you’ve seen this ad. 

“If you give me 39 seconds, I’m going to show you how this guy right here-” So you can see that this ad got about 5 million views.

This one is literally a PowerPoint presentation of me just making jokes about Arby’s melts. So it blows my mind when I go to an ad group and see people doing professional videos talking about these complicated targeting strategies. 

In my opinion, the real key to running ads is the message and knowing what the customer wants—and then making a funnel on an ad that is so damn efficient that you can use it on big, giant keywords. 

For example, another audience that did super well for us, another ad group – just imagine those two ads. Those two ads generated millions of dollars in sales for us by themselves. 

Okay, maybe you want to do a 6-figure business or grow your business a little bit. You don’t really have to make any more ads or get more complicated than this. 

Now the next thing I want to show you that works really, really well for us is intent audiences. So what you can do in AdWords is create these intent audiences that allow you to target very basic keywords and then go and target those people looking for these keywords recently. 

And this works really, really well for me at Hyros right now.

You can see right here that I just put in “earn money online” or “how to make money online” and “how to make money online.” I got those keywords just by using Keyword Planner, and one of the easiest ways you can go and create intent audiences is by typing the keyword “how to make money.”

Throw that in, and you can see a list of keywords you can use to make intent audiences. So one of the best ways I got results with our campaigns was just using a really basic intent audience. You can see our best-performing keywords. Again, here I was, just using Shopify and drop shipping as an intent audience. You can see right here a $100,000 in and $400,000 out when you account for AdWords missing attribution.

The other thing I want to show you is if you look at our basic audiences right here,

all these are one-word audiences. So, online jobs intent, I just put in “online jobs’ ‘ because obviously, people want to work an online job, they probably want to go and start an online business or something like that. 

Right here, you can see we put about 83,000 and probably earned back about $150,000 to $200,000 back, accounting for attribution. So you’re going to notice that all my audiences that did best if we look at the cost of all the conversions, this is the amount it cost me to get an actual lead for my business. 

The leads all came from me targeting the most basic audiences in my AdWords, and so, if you’re starting a business, or starting to advertise, what I want to show you is simply this. 

The key to going in advertising online and the key to building your business online and getting clients isn’t that complicated. It isn’t going and making some insane ad targeting that no one else can replicate and no one else knows about.

What I just showed you, anybody can do.

If you have access to a PowerPoint and a cellphone and the ability to type in whatever your business’s keyword is, for example, at Hyros, one of my main keywords is tracking because we sell tracking software. 

See that works. And that’s because the secret to your ads is not your ads. I’ll repeat. The secret to making a lot of money with ads is not ads. 

If you go to any Facebook group, you go to any marketing discussion. It’s people racking their brains and getting super complicated. And when you look at Facebook ad “gurus” or YouTube ad “gurus,” what they do is complicate and complicate and complicate. 

It’s ridiculous. 

Anybody can go out there and do what I just did. A chimpanzee can go out there and do what I just did. The thing that people can’t replicate is going to be the message of the ads, the funnel itself and the amount of time and effort that goes into optimizing the funnel, and the angle of the offer. 

H-Comm had these two strings. I’m no longer part of that business because I don’t like the make-money-online niche. I don’t want to sell courses for beginners. 

I like working for my software company, and I only work with existing successful businesses now. So, if you’re a beginner, don’t buy any courses. I will literally give you everything you need to know for free. 

All the ads, everything you need to know to get starters. It’s all on my YouTube channel, and there’s a link below to all sorts of training over on my YouTube channel, so check them out. 

Don’t buy a course. You don’t need it.

That being said, if you go to YouTube right now and type in Shopify, hundreds of people are trying to sell you a Shopify course. Everyone and their dogs want you to start a Shopify store. 

Why are our ads, and why is our funnel so successful when so many people struggle? It’s because of the hyper-optimization and the funnel. It’s the marketing message and the hyper-optimization of the copywriting. 

So what you need to take away from this is that if you want to start a business online right now, the angle part is the most important part. 

At Hyros, our ads generate far more profit than any other ads, and they’re not scaled to that level yet. Our ads perform better because the angle is so much better. It’s a more desired product. And it’s an offer that people can’t really replicate. 

It’s going to cost you a lot of money and a year and a half of development to make something like that, so it allows us to have a blue ocean all to ourselves. So you should pursue that first. 

But the second key is going to be the hyper-optimization of your funnel and the copywriting. Then, of course, the product after, if you don’t have a good product and people don’t get good results with your product, they’re going to refund. And it’s going to be a disaster. 

So you need to ensure your product is also top of the market.

If you do those things, that’s where your success with your ads will come from. So when you’re scrolling around checking out training about advertising, don’t buy into the complication. The complication should not be what your ads are about.

That’s about it. If you like this, hit the like button and leave a comment because your comments heavily influence these pieces of training I create. It also helps with the algorithm as well. 

So help me out a little; on top of that, subscribe and hit the notification bell because I live stream every week where I go into my ad accounts, all sorts of cool marketing tactics, but you won’t get notifications if you’re not subscribing. 

Finally, there will be some training and videos after this one that will show you exactly how I run YouTube ads, how I structure my work and life, and other stuff you may want to know about. 

Tons of other training breaks down exactly all the stuff I talked about earlier about how to make a good product, the exact angles you should be taking, and all that other good stuff. So go and check those out.


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