My Highest Converting Youtube Ads Of All Time

My Highest Converting Youtube Ads Of All Time

This post is pretty simple everyone.

This Youtube ad script converts so highly I LITERALLY have not been able to replace it for 3 years. In the training below I will be breaking down this script and walking you through my highest-converting Youtube ads of all time. These are responsible for 10s of millions of dollars in sales and a significant ROI.

Video Training

Hey, it’s Alex Becker, the CEO of Hyros, and I’m just going to cut straight with you here. 

I want to do business with you in the future, so I’m going to do something kind of sneaky here and just deliver massive value to you.  Look, as a CEO of a big tracking company, I have a pretty big advantage of knowing what’s going to work in ads. I’ve also used ads to scale multiple businesses I own to 7 and even past 8 figures. 

So I know a thing or two. I’m just going to tell you what I know, and I’m going to give you some of my best tactics that I think are absolutely essential for my ads. 

Let’s Talk YouTube Ad Scripts

The first thing I’m going to give you are the actual YouTube ads scripts that I’ve been forced to use for the past five years. I say “forced to use” because I’ve tried every other type of script and filming scenario. 

I’ve wanted to do everything under the sun to get away from these scripts because they’re so basic and simple. But nothing gets me, customers, as efficiently or cheaply as the script, so I’m forced to use it. And if you can find something that beats it, please let me know. 

Take a look at this.

This script, right here, this one ad, is responsible for selling over 8200 high-ticket courses, and I was able to sell over 18,000 subscriptions for my software company. 

I’ve used this script for my consulting, I’ve used this in services, I’ve used this script in everything, and it absolutely crushes it. 

I think the best way I can help you is by just giving you the script and showing you how it works so that you can use it on your YouTube ads. 

And that’s it. 

Now, if you want to track your YouTube ads at any point in this, you should go down below and hit the purple button. We will show you exactly how to track this because AdWords tracking isn’t going to be that accurate because they hold a lot of data back. 

You’ll end up killing the ads that are making you money and investing in ads that aren’t making you any money which is a double whammy. 

If you’re checking this out and not 100% sure about tracking your ads right now but would love to see your funnel scale to 8 figures and would love to see how to do that, hang in there, just click the green button below. 

It’ll take you to some pieces of training that show you the exact ads, the exact funnel, and even the copywriting targeting I use to scale one of my businesses to 8-figures using only YouTube ads. And that script does well. 

So let’s dive into it. 

Breaking Down the Ad Script

Okay, so the first thing we’re going to do is, we’re going to break down the script. It’s very simple. I’m going to show myself executing the script, and first, there are a few things we need to understand. 

The script has a few different parts, and all go around one key aspect of our promise. 

Now, no matter what niche you’re in, there has to be a promise that hooks people. There has to be something that gets people from point A to point B. 

There has to be something that they are seeking that motivates them to click the ad, opt-in, and do all the things you request of them. At the very end, this requires them to take out a credit card or even make a phone call.  And that’s a lot, so there has to be something they really want to get them to do that.

Your promise on your niche will be found in many different ways, and you can usually see this with ads and the headlines of your opt-ins. But at the basic level, what people want is to avoid pain, or avoid the pain they’re already in, or get excessive gains, or get a gain without the things they hate. 

For example, at Hyros, when I run ads to that, the entire promise is how to make significantly more and save significantly more from your business by pressing a button. So that’s essentially what the promise is without doing anything. 

So if you go and see a lot of my ads that are running, what we offer them is, “Hey, here’s how you can go and save 15% of your ad spend and scale 20% further just by activating this pixel AI training.” 

It’s a very simple promise, and that’s a huge hook. 

Notice that I didn’t mention sales attribution or say anything about tracking your ads not to waste money. I didn’t mention how to make a bit more money from your ads because it doesn’t sound mysterious. 

So what you want to do is think about your promise and then put it in a way that’s presented as a new opportunity

This is absolutely essential to your ad. 

For example, when I’ve run products for my old e-commerce training business, we wouldn’t say, “Hey, here’s how to build a Shopify store really quickly and start a business around making money.” 

What we would say is that we’re taking advantage of a new opportunity in import/exporting that allows us to build a business without any tech skills, without the things you hate. But we present it as a new opportunity

And that’s the key to running good ads. If you don’t have a good promise that is easy and based around instant gains, doesn’t remove instant pains without the things they hate, and doesn’t seem like a new opportunity, it will not hit well. 

Okay, so that’s why when you’re running your ads, first off, the number one thing you want to do is don’t use the lingo that’s in the industry. Use lingo that separates your offer because then people are going to be curious about it, and they’re going to want to click it. 

You need to nail it down and understand that people, in general, (and this applies to all people from Tony Robbins all the way down to people living in a shack) for 95% of things in our lives we want the short path without any effort. 

I can look at my dishwasher right now. I have no idea how that thing works, and if it required me to push like 16 buttons, I’d have a bunch of dirty dishes. On the other hand, if I look at my refrigerator, I don’t care. That thing just works. That is 100 years of engineering right there in my corner. I don’t give a damn. 

You need to understand that you need to stop looking at your offers in a special light and expecting people to make an extra effort. For example, at Hyros, I know people don’t give a damn about tracking. All the people want is not to lose money on their ads.

So I’m going to try and make it as “push button” as possible. 

It’s the same thing with weight loss. People don’t want to learn discipline with a healthy diet. They want to press a button and lose weight without everything they hate. 

But, for tracking the things people hate, people haven’t gone because they believe it takes a lot of work, a bunch of coding, and all sorts of crazy step-by-step, just impossible set-ups that aren’t worth the effort. That’s the thing they hate

So when people think about starting a business, they hate needing a ton of tech skills. They think they’ll lose a lot of money and dedicate 20 hours daily. 

When people want to lose weight, they think they will have to stop eating their favorite foods. Then, they think they’ll have to exercise 3-4 hours a day. 

You’re going to notice the best ads. Play to this. “Hey, get all the things you want without all the things you hate.” 

And they present it as a new opportunity. So that’s very important. 

Here’s exactly how the ad script works. There are multiple parts. There’s the first five seconds, the next 30-seconds, then there’s going to be another 5-second thing, and I’m going to walk you through what these all are. 

So, we’re going to start off with an ad on YouTube. 

You’ll notice there are the 5-seconds that the person clicked through that I like to call the first 5-seconds is the state of your business.  

Okay, so what many people do in their ads is trying to get attention, which is a big mistake. You don’t want the attention of people whose attention you don’t want. We’re not running ads for Coca-Cola here. 

Usually, we’re trying to extract an audience when running ads on YouTube. We’re not trying to sell to the biggest audience possible. 

For example, in one of my products I scaled past 8 figures sold to a huge audience. But even that audience compared to the general amount of people on Earth would only be about 2 out of 100 people. 

So it’s still a vast audience. But you need to keep in mind that we want to get everybody who’s not interested in what we sell off the ad. And we want to get everyone interested instantly hooked, so you need to state your business. 

And we need to make some type of curiosity-peaking statement where a person wants an explanation. It’s based on our product. Or even call out to the person. At the beginning of my Hyros ads, I say, “Do you run ads? This should terrify you.”

Do you know who that doesn’t terrify? Everybody that doesn’t run ads. They skipped that ad because I stated my business and it didn’t interest them. 

If I started my Hyros ad like, “Oh man, this has been key to everything for me. This helped me build this giant house and has been amazing.” I could get so many people watching that. I don’t want to do that. 

So you want to start your business … 

At one of my consulting programs, we help people grow their businesses with YouTube ads. At the end of the ad, I say, “This is you on Facebook ads,” or “Is your business stuck?” So it’s very clear what the ad is about. And another one, I sold 18,000 SaaS subscriptions for 82,000 high-ticket products. 

Anybody who is not selling anything online will be repulsed by that ad instantly. So I instantly get people hooked. They want to kick off all the other ones. So what’s going to happen if you start your ad attention seeking, the people might actually want to watch because they might not watch it now. After all, it’s not relevant, so they’ll click the 5-second button. 

You need to understand that YouTube traffic is extremely broad. It’s extremely broad. It’s more about extracting the audience. So the people you want to watch might bounce off, and the people you don’t want to watch it. 

So that’s the first thing. 

In the next 30-seconds, you need to tell a story that shows the promise being fulfilled that ties into the first 5-seconds. 

So, what I’ll do when I run my Hyros ads is I’ll say, “Hey, if you run ads, this should terrify you.” Because when I work with clients, their attribution is off by this much. And here’s exactly what happens. 

Without proper attribution, I actually press the button and solve all these problems. Then, I show how my promise has been completed. 

At my e-commerce training business that I used to run, we would start the ad by saying, “This is so and so. He got results in the timeframe right here. And he got these results by doing this weird thing with importing and exporting from China. And what he could do was this and this and this, and he was able to get these results.” 

This is how Instagram influencers make money, by a hook. And then, I explained how it works, which is through e-commerce marketing, and how they did it. Then I say, “If you want to learn e-commerce marketing, click here.” 

I showed the promise being fulfilled and explained the situation, but more so, I discussed the promise and all the things they wanted without the things they hated. 

For example, “This is so and so. They got this result. They did this without X, Y, and Z. And they did it by taking advantage of this new opportunity. They did it in this timeframe, and they did it very quickly. 

That applies to almost every ad out there, from B2B to B2C. It doesn’t really matter, people want quick results, and they want it without the things they hate. 

Then in these 5-seconds right here, what we’re going to do is we’re going to do the call to action. Say, “Click here …” And I can’t go into it all in this tutorial. There’s just too much information needed for this ad. 

So what they need to do is click the ad. It’s going to take you to a page where you can opt-in, where they’ll be able to get more information, yada yada, yeah yeah. So this is where to go for the click. 

Then what we can do in the next 30-seconds is basically show them and really hammer on the benefits without the things they hate. 

“If you click this ad, you’ll see how you can instantly save a ton of money on your ads. Then, I’m going to show you how to scale your ads, and more importantly, in just a few seconds, you’ll be able to optimize your pixels to find customers faster, just like this person, like this person, and this person.” 

So use benefits without and then show the results to your customers. And then we’re going with the call to action to click the button again. 

This ad script I’ve used on YouTube for almost three years and spent millions and millions of dollars with this script. Nothing defeats it. So now, let’s look at one of my ads, and you’ll see me do this with the exact script from absolute scratch. 

This one is one of my best-converting ads at Hyros right now, so we’re going to go over one of my most successful ones. We will break down the script as we go through this together. 

I want to stress right now that the script’s template always remains the same. What’s being said, what’s being angled, and what’s being promised will all change. There’s no one-size-fits-all. 

You state your business and show your promise being achieved via a story with results. You express the result. The person’s looking for your big promise that you’re using to lower them through the funnel. Express that and show that it is completed. You show the results being completed and present a problem and provide the solution. 

That next 30-seconds is when we go to the call to action. And we basically repeat the process. It works over and over and over again. 

Now what’s going to be promised and what is going to be shown will change in time.

So let’s go through the ad quickly, and break it down. 

The first thing we’ve got to remember is to state your business. 

For example, “If your business buys ads, I can guarantee that your tracking is off by 30-40%.” Okay, cool. I’ve stated my business, who the ads are for, and who they’re not. 

This ad will not get your attention if you’re looking to buy poodles online. This is repulsive to everybody not in my target market. 

At this point in time, I’ve started my business, and now I need to illustrate the problem. The promise that I’m offering the person is whether there’s a way out of the pain or a way to get a gain, and I need to illustrate that problem being solved. Or I need to illustrate that the problem is being fixed if they click this ad, and I mean guaranteed

And frankly, it should terrify you because I work with businesses at Hryos that say I need $1,000, $5,000, or even $30,000 a day across the board.

The default is that their sales tracking is off by 30% to 40%. This isn’t rocket science when this happens. What happens is that you turn off ads that are actually quite profitable. And this happens all the time. 

So what am I doing with this ad right here? 

I’m presenting a big problem. The whole promise of this ad is that if you click here, we’ll be able to fix this problem. So what I’m going to do at this point right here is to tell a story that causes a mountain of pain and illustrates the pain that they’re in. And after, I’ll offer a solution.

And if we’re doing a gain-focused ad, we’d make an ad where we’re presenting the massive amounts of gains through the results and successes other people are having. And we say, “Hey, look. If you want to see how this works, go here.”

So, we’re presenting massive amounts of gains, and the promise is that if they click this ad, they’ll be able to see how this massive gain works. Or we’re presenting massive pain and telling a story to illustrate this, then going from there. 

Motion every single month. 

Two, you’re going to spend money on ads that aren’t actually making you money. Thus, you’re losing 10-15% of your ad spend. And when the ad platforms don’t show you the correct data, you optimize around the wrong data, and the results in targeting become less efficient. So you end up having to spend way more in ad spend just to get a customer. 

The result is that you’re hamstringing your business by at least 20%. And then you’re also wasting 10-15% of your ad spend. So that’s 5-6 figures lost yearly that you didn’t have to lose because you can click this ad. 

As you can see, that’s how we present the promise as a story. Basically, this is what’s either happening to you or what’s happened to other people, or this is the explanation for the big statement I just made in the state your business section. 

Do a basic story illustrating the result or lack of results and the lack of pain. And then what we do is we do a call to action that will show you how to fix this step-by-step in literally minutes.

I’ve done this for 100s of businesses. I’ve done this for large businesses and huge brands like group life. I’ve done this with e-commerce businesses. 

Okay, so then what we do is we tell again in the following 30-second stories. These could be the results, the additional benefits. We go and tell additional things that back up the need to click the ad. 

This is what they’ll get. Whether it’s, “Hey, I’ve done this for other businesses. Here are more results. In this training, you’re going to see exactly this, this, and this.”  

You want to hyper-dig into things you want to double down on—either the gains or the pain, and that they will be able to escape out of. So that’s how it’s going to work. 

As for info businesses, I’ve done this for businesses where it’s based around sales calls, look-if you’re running ads. Your data will be off by 30-40% on a good day. 

If you’re not actively trying to find ways to solve this problem, I will show you how to fix this problem literally in minutes. So if you click this ad, (and I’m not exaggerating when I say talking for a few minutes) just watching the hyper-quick training I’m trying to get you to watch right here will save you 5-6 figures this year. 

Because think about it, take the ad spend you spend every single month, ok? So now I’m just making them count the money they’re losing in this ad. It’s very simple. 

That’s the exact same way I’m going to run every single script. We’re going to start off by stating your business, then a 30-second story that illustrates your statement

Whether you want to achieve massive potential gain, or show massive potential gain with little effort, or a way out of pain with little effort, tell a story about how other people have done that. 

Telling a story about how you’ve done that and going over the numbers and stats that back you up, these are great ways to achieve telling your story. These are great ways to push the person through that, and it’s a great way to tell the story. 

So that’s what you want to achieve. You want to show either massive gain without the things they hate or escape from massive pain without the things they hate. So in that instance, you want to create pain and then show a way out of the pain by clicking the ad. 

You want that to make your call to action. And then, double down on the benefits once again, showing more results that your users and customers have received and explaining the pain and gains that they have achieved. 

So take this example. 

I talked about the results. Then I talked about how much money they’re losing, adding pain. And I talked again about how easy it would be to fix it by clicking this ad. 

State your business, tell a story that illustrates the big promise you’re bringing to people, and get those people through your funnel to the call to action, illustrate the benefits, the pains, and the results, and do another call to action. 

That’s all I’m doing. You can see at the end of that, 15% of the paycheck and just blow it away … and then another 30% and blow it on Pokemon cards. It’s disturbing. 

I don’t like watching it. 

So I’m begging you, just click this ad, watch Hyros training, and we’ll fix your tracking just like all the businesses we’re about to show you. 

I had another call to action. Then what I like to do on YouTube ads is a screen of testimonials and results. You don’t want the ad to end. You want the ad to have a clear ending where you can see results so the user clearly knows the ad is done, 

It’s time to click, and you want to include this because a lot of people just watch the ad and then move to the video. They can’t go back to the ad. So have a good 30-seconds where the person needs to click.

If you follow this template, every ad will be a home run. But this consistently works for me when I’ve gone off this script. After that, it gets really nasty, really quick. And the CPLs, when I follow this script, work like crazy. 

So usually, my ads will never really perform super poorly. Maybe 1 or 2 out of 5 is going to perform really well. So I eventually want to have about 15 ads I’ve created. I want to select my top 3-5 that have performed really well and make those my main ads. 

Again, if you want help with tracking your ads, there’s really no way to track ads on YouTube accurately without Hyros. And I’ve done it for people in basically every niche you can imagine. So check it out. 

So check us out in our Facebook group, where tons of people are running $10,000 to $50,000 to a million a month in ads, and our Hyros Facebook group that you want to start networking with. This is where we also release all of our pieces of training when it drops. 

 That’s it, guys. Thanks for joining. This has been Alex Becker of Hyros.

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