This Doubled Our Opt-In Rates INSTANTLY

This Doubled Our Opt-In Rates INSTANTLY

Hey, this is Alex Becker, CEO of Hyros, again. If you’re not familiar with what I do, I’m ethically bribing you to do business with Hyros by telling you everything I’ve learned about running ads and scaling your business. 

Being the CEO of a tracking company gives me a lot of advantages to knowing what’s working in advertising right now and, more importantly, what I’ve learned about growing multiple businesses to 7-8 figures using paid traffic. 

What I’m going to do is I’m going to tell you the most essential thanks that I know. One of these things is the three micro-optimizations I’m going to show you which are little no-effort things that let me drop the cost per acquisition by 30%. 

And I did this without changing a single ad, a single landing page, my targeting, or the product, everything stayed the same. 

If you applied this to your business, I would reasonably say you’re going to see a 10% to 20%, maybe even a 30% drop in the cost to acquire a customer. 

These are that damn powerful. 

Before we get into it, if you want to track these differences, make sure you can spot the ads that are making you money. Turn off the ads that are losing you money, and you should go below and schedule a call with us by hitting the purple button. We’ll show you exactly how to track your ads the right way. 

Because if you’re not tracking your ads the right way, there is a 30-40% loss in attribution that we see with every client that comes into Hyros, which causes you to kill your winning ads and invest money into bad ads. 

That’s some bad JuJu, and you don’t want to run a business like that; it’s expensive. 

That being said, if you want help growing your business with ads and want to see how I took a single funnel past 8-figures on AdWords, click the green button below. It’s going to take you to some training that will show you the exact ads, the exact funnel, the copywriting scripts, even the targeting used to grow one of my businesses past 8-figures, and then even blueprints it all for you. 

Let’s hope into these three micro-optimizations so I can show you these things are easy and take only 10 seconds to apply, and are going to make you probably an extra 10% on your business this year. 

Okay, guys, we’re going to be looking at two of my best-converting landing pages. I’m going to give you a bonus tip, so we’re going to be looking at two of my best converting landing pages, and if you’re doing sales pages, it’s probably going to look a little different.

These landing pages, these two designs are the best op-in designs I’ve ever used in all my years. I’ve used every single type of opt-in and every type of design possible. 

So the first thing is that ugly works always convert best for design. They won’t work 90% of the time. I’d bet on a clean page every time. 

Every time you send people to a landing page, you must remember that they are just browsing. There is no reason for them to stick around. There is no reason for them to check out the business.

In fact, they probably regret their click already. So it’s extremely important you catch them with your headline and speak as clearly as possible.

If you’re using a super fancy landing page, it’d be like a person walking into your store and fireworks going off. Then there are teddy bears from Build-a-Bear running around, throwing rocks at them.

It’s completely overwhelming. Meantime, you’re in the back of the store saying, “Hey, we sell pants,” and if they’re looking for pants, they might not hear that. So they’re going to get overwhelmed and just leave to go somewhere else.

That’s hyperbole, but I want to overstate it. It’s like people walking around the mall. They walk into your store. You need to have what they’re looking for. 

In fact, if they’re looking for pants, they may walk into your store, you just want to have an empty store with a pair of pants hanging right there, and that’s it. 

The next thing I will tell you is a tip that increased my sales, which may have broken my funnel. Whenever we get a person to opt-in for anything, or we get a person to go through our sales pages and start the checkout process, the thing they forget to enter is the email delivery. 

Let me explain. If you’re running a webinar or running an opt-in funnel, you even have a funnel that collects emails after they check out. So the number one way to increase your business without doing anything special is to get your email off autoresponders, get it on a dedicated IP, and warm it up the right way. 

What does this mean? Well, first off, I would just start investigating being on your own dedicated IP address, and you want to start using new content on a dedicated IP. You want to limit it to only your funnel emails that fire from your webinar, Opt-in funnel, abandoned cart, or follow-up funnels. 

Why do you want to do this? 

Because when you do this, you have incredibly high open rates. What it does when you have your own IP address is that Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail, see all this coming in from this IP address and your domain name. And when you have super high open rates, what happens is these algorithms say, “Hey, these guys are good.” 

What happens when you’re on an autoresponder is that you’re sharing the IP address with people not mailing the right way. What I mean by mailing the right way is emailing a big blast. But, unfortunately, you’re not doing it the right way. 

This is why my funnels have a 50-60% open rate, and I have open rates close to the messenger when most people can’t get open rates to break 10%. All because they’re not mailing the right way. 

You need to understand how these emails control entirely how well the funnel works. For example, if you have a webinar funnel and your attendance email, and your “join-now” email is getting a 15% open rate, your attendance will be miserable. This is because your attendance rates control how well your webinar does. 

If you have an opt-in funnel, maybe a launch funnel, or an opt-in where they’re sold stuff over time, how well it does is determined by open rates. So getting a 15% increase in open rates means at least a 15% increase in your business.

This is the same thing for abandoned carts and everything else. So, you need to do this; focus on your dedicated IP and a new domain name to use, not the domain you’ve been emailing them from, not your email blast or mass email address.

By doing this, where you had a 15% in delivery rates on that first email, you’ll see 40-50% more. Your webinar is going to triple in sales. It’s going to be huge for you.

This is the easiest micro-optimization you can do and is something I do with all my businesses and funnels. 

Look at my sales calls funnels for Hyros. They live and die with the second email because many people don’t finish that first email video. But with the second one, they’ll opt in and go through my funnel.

Alright, now I’m going to do something weird in my email. They won’t watch it all the way; they won’t opt-in, so what I do is have a bunch of follow-up emails and other training that I win them back with, and I get almost 50% of my calls from this, which I wouldn’t get without doing this stuff. 

The second tip I’m going to give you is to experiment with shorter content. The example webinar right here does a 4x ROI for me, cash, before recurring payments and anything even comes in.

I’m going to give you more than 3-types right here. But, first, I’m going to tell you a ninja tip. Most people in their call funnels have a 45-minute presentation. I’ve done both and made them work. 

But what I found is reducing a webinar by almost 45 minutes, if we’re just selling on the webinar, or reducing a call sales video to 20 minutes has worked like crazy for me. Also, including a link to call on the page with testimonials has worked well for B2B. 

Now, I’m going to give you another tip that absolutely crushes it when you start running ads, get your pages on HTML. After split testing and finding the perfect page design and the perfect headline, get your page on HTML. 

I love ClickFunnels, I used to start all my funnels on ClickFunnels, but as soon as I have the page optimized by text and what’s on it, I get all that off of ClickFunnels, and I put it on HTML, and you want it to be a plain page because it loads so much faster. 

The speed will increase your opt-in conversion rates and mobile sales and significantly drop my CPL. For example, I was paying $7 per lead but dropped it to $5 a lead. 

The final tip I’ll give you is with your opt-ins; you can see this is all simple stuff, we do not have to change any bare bones of the funnel, but you need to design your opt-ins for mobile. 

Whenever you set up your opt-ins, you need to go and look at how they are on mobile. You don’t want the user to have to scroll through a bunch of menus and other sorts of things like that. 

If you look at the standard EverWebinar opt-in, it’s an absolute disaster, yet everybody’s using it. It makes no sense. 

What you want when people opt-in is to have one form, and you want to have that one form as simple as possible. 

I like my forms clean; BAM, name, email, and that’s it. I don’t have anything extra, no extra images or anything else on the page. And it significantly dropped my CPL for my webinars. I copied this form from Sam Ovens’s page, so I’ll cite my sources. 

You can see how clean and smooth this form is; there’s nothing janky popping around that gives mobile every reason to glitch. 

One final bonus tip I’ll give you that will increase your opt-in rates is to throw in a checklist or piece of training that people are interested in and turn it into a template or checklist that you can throw on top of your offering with your sales call funnel or opt-in funnels or webinar funnels. 

These simple things right here will quickly drop your CPL by as much as 20-30% as it did for me. 

This is the training for now. Applying these things will make your business go crazy. The wrap-up includes the biggest optimization hacks you can use to track correctly. This will get you bidding and spending zero money in the wrong places. 

If you want to understand the easiest ways to make money with your ads, click the purple button below. 

And if you want help setting up these optimizations and want to see how I use these optimizations to scale businesses to 7 figures, click the green button. I’ll show you exactly everything I did, the copywriting, the landing pages, everything to get to 8-figures. 

And finally, if you want to network with entrepreneurs spending significant money, join our Facebook group below. There is close to $10 million a month in ad spending just in that group. 

But it’s not for beginners. It’s for high-risk ad spenders focused on getting hyper-ROI on their ad spend. 

This group will show you some of my hyper ROI YouTube tactics that are some of the low-lying fruit to generate 5x ROI off $100-$200 a day. And I’ll show you how to build your business or scale your business by using these very hyper ROI tactics. They’re super easy to use. 

We find low-hanging fruit that nobody spots and are super easy to use, so they’re targeted super well and work like gangbusters and show you those hyper optimizations. 

This is Becker, CEO of Hyros, and I’ll see you next time.


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