The 3 Big Keys To HYPER High Converting Facebook Ad Copywriting (Advanced Facebook Ads Course Part 2)

The 3 Big Keys To HYPER High Converting Facebook Ad Copywriting (Advanced Facebook Ads Course Part 2)

This post is about teaching you everything I’ve learned about taking a business from $600,000 a month to $100,000 in ad spend by focusing on high-converting Facebook ad copy that will work in your niche. 

Why am I doing this? Because every time I nailed an ad platform is to make a super advanced course, just like our YouTube ad course where I scale the business past a million dollars a month. You should check it out and so let’s hop right into it, so I’m not wasting your time. I hate when people waste my time so let’s get started. 

Let’s talk about ad copy. 

Ad copy is not about doing stupid things. Because if you do stupid things, you see bad results.

Don’t Be Stupid

Look at this ad, – this guy’s got his shirt off. What is gravy’s name is going on right here? What is this selling? 

Rule number one with ad copy is it has to make sense. This ad may be missing something, especially if you’re doing a sidebar ad or going for Instagram.

For example, this ad is meant to run in the newsfeed, with a description or some other content, but that’s just stupid. As much as Facebook will optimize your ad, it can’t optimize out the stupid. It may be driving sales traffic, but not a sales word and an ad text for a $300 credit. I don’t know what they’re selling. 

This example is a tic tac, a TikTok ad. Why don’t you see kids’ faces and dancing in there? 

When designing ads, I have ads specifically designed for Instagram and sidebar ads that will have dramatically different displays on different networks. Take this ad,, for example. It has no headline. Headlines produce big, sexy juice but won’t do as well on Instagram. Know your platform. 

For example, putting a headline on Instagram just isn’t going to work. People aren’t there to read, they’re there to look at Kendall Jenner’s butt, and headlines will just be a distraction from that end. 

Again, you need to design your ads for the platform. 

You can get a great ad return if you optimize your content for each platform. So don’t be a freaking idiot; optimize your ad for each platform. 

The goal of the ad is the click. The problem I see for many people is that they try to make a sale in the ad. So they have long-winded videos or lots of content. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for that, but you want to get the person to click the ad so that you can grind on them. 

For example, I have an ad that is a storybook about why you need to use an AI track that leads to a call funnel. Here I’m using Hyros, and obviously, you know I’m the CEO, so I’m a wee-bit biased. But I’m also a person that likes to scale ads based on accurate data.

What happens when you scale ads with inaccurate lala land data? You get lala land money which isn’t accepted at Whole Foods. So work with real numbers and make real money. 

With this ad, you can see Hyros got seven calls. I can go through and track every call and click that a person made. For example, this person clicked here in July and again here in October, and every call is an attributable ID. 

While we received 7 calls, Facebook recorded 11 because it gives all sorts of wonky conversions, views, and other conversions. 

Meanwhile, you can see here we got a call, but Facebook didn’t record it at all. Still, Facebook isn’t tracking sales on the calls or when someone comes back in two days and buys. 

This means we’re not operating around profit, which if you’re running ads and not looking at accurate ROI, you’re a goblin. I don’t know what’s going on, so stop it. 

No ad copy will allow you to escape working from wrong, accurate numbers and data. 

Literally, the same problem is occurring with AdWords. If you get a report that says you got five calls but got six, you may turn off your best ads. You may be turning off ads that are making money, investing in other ads that aren’t making you anything, or getting a bad cost per call or sale. If you’re doing that, dude, give us a call at Hyros, and we’ll fix it for you in seconds. 

The problem with this ad example is that it has an enormous amount of copy. The goal is not to get someone to read or be sold by the ad, rather the goal is to get someone to click the ad with intent.

Curiosity Kills

The goal of your ad is to get people to click it and a lot of people will just try to sell through the ad. 

But here’s the thing. 

People on Facebook aren’t there to click an ad, they could be at Whole Foods standing in line, checking out your ad on Facebook while also looking at the candy bars. They’re not that invested in what your ad copy is saying.

But you can get them interested if you get them curious. 

Getting a person’s curiosity piqued can be a trigger or behavior train where the person clicks out of curiosity. 

If you get a person curious, they tend to do the next thing and then the next. It’s like if you have an ad that says click for cat pictures and a person clicks the ad, they’re not looking for anything more than cat pictures and won’t perform the way I want them.

Instead, for example, if you have an ad that says this AI drops ad costs 52% (which it does) and you should check it out. So, when they click the ad, they’re already curious about the benefits of the AI solution. And if I provide an opt-in to watch a video or whatnot, then the next page will make them go, Holy Moly, this is great for what I want to do.

That’s because they were already interested and curious to see what the ad was talking about. 

I’m not heavily selling or pushing them to use tracking. I’m convincing them of the benefits of Hyros and the disadvantages they may be at without it. 

That’s the strategy, that’s what you want to do. Write your copy to say that if you want “x” you need this “y.

The final step you need to understand with testing your ad copy is that Facebook is going to run ads not based on what gets you the most sales, it’s going to look at factors like engagements and likes. These factors don’t always match up with converting sales for you. 

Instead, what you should be doing in your split testing is to put 20 a day on five ad sets targeting the same audience. That’s five ads with one ad in each set that’s different. 

That’s how you test your ads and see what your best opt-in will be. 

FOMO is a good way to pique interest. The fear of missing out should be a picture with a great headline that makes people “wonder what’s going on here” and that they need to find out RIGHT AWAY or miss out. 

Using FOMO is a key part of my ad copy strategy and it works to convert really well, if done correctly. Too often though, people will combine images with a headline that just doesn’t track.

For example, putting a picture of raw eggs with a headline for the latest software doesn’t make sense. It’s confusing. 

The key is to make it relate to the next page after the person clicks and is the right one for the platform. 

When you’re writing your ad copy, another thing to remember is that the goal is the click. You don’t need to be writing an amazing copy that goes below the fold. You don’t need to write your biography and expect to get clicks. Instead, focus your ad copy to be short and tight. I like to focus on how it appears on mobile, which makes the copy that much shorter. 

And if you’re not using AI tracking for your scripts and data, you’re simply at a huge disadvantage. 

Another type of ad is the traditional ad you’d see with Internet Marketing which is something Hanif Mahadi really hates (see the angry emoji?). 

For example, if you’re doing video ads, make sure the thumbnail is the exact same strategy with the image and put captions on because people don’t always turn on the sound, sitting around like goblins. I’m the same way in all forms of my life, so don’t expect others not to be.

I saw an ad for a YouTube or Facebook ad that was saying there’s a new way to do things, the algorithms on these platforms were changing, yada yada. But that’s not what we’re trying to achieve. 

Remember, our goal is to get people to click the ads and that comes from stoking their curiosity and fear about missing the boat on this offer. 

What I’m not doing is telling them about tracking changes or algorithm changes, I’m telling them that if they click the next page, I’ll give them scripts to save 52% on their ads. When they click the ad, it says how we use print tracking and AI to save 52% on our ads. 

Once they click, then we show a video about grinding and how we go about the work to convert and save. I’m able to spell it out for them because they’re not scrolling through Instagram or browsing their Facebook feed. They came to my page to opt-in and once they do it, then I’ll give them what they came to find.

So the whole ad focuses on giving them the thing and the exact results they want to achieve. I’ll use testimonials to reinforce the offer so when a person clicks, they get this message and see the fruits that come from the labor. 

To sum it up;

  • Make sure you have a big, sexy headline that matches the strategy
  • Use images that reinforce the headline
  • Create urgency with FOMO
  • Use testimonials for social proof

Reselling To Your Audience

Once you get your copy tight and get people to click, the next step is to make the return sale. 

Keep in mind that to resell will be impossible on Facebook. People aren’t on the platform for reselling. They’re doing other things.

So stop trying to do that on Facebook. Why would you ever try to make a sale to a person being distracted? It’s like trying to meet your wife with a chimpanzee screaming in your ear. It’s impossible. 

Instead, think about it as if you’re going on Hinge or Bumble to find a date, don’t do it in a crowded room with 16 other guys and a chimpanzee. It’ll be messy, feces may be thrown around. Instead, make it unique. 

That’s about it. If you like this information subscribe or reach out for a free consultation about how to scale your ads. Two, learn to track your ads if you want to scale at all.

During your free consultation, we’ll show you how to set up tracking, how it works, and where you’ve already lost a ton of money in your ads. 

What’s better is that at Hyros, if you don’t see results within 90-days, you don’t pay. So you should check it out. 

You can book a call with me and I’ll show you what ads of yours are working and what aren’t. I’ll analyze your ads and help you learn to absolutely crush it on Facebook with our tracking AI.


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